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“ To @CannaNavigators a huge thank you. After 3 Sixty took our deposits and failed to deliver (no refund of those deposits either) the crew at CN picked up our file and saved our asses. I was in a bind and you delivered above and beyond. It is very much appreciated. “


“ Paul and the team at CannaNavigators have been instrumental in guiding us through many of the detailed regulatory issues we have had to contend with during our build-out and licensing process.  Their understanding of the issues we dealt with throughout multiple amendments and licensing phases were invaluable.  They have been and remain a vital resource as we continue to grow and adapt to this ever changing industry. “


“ Lune Rise Farms is proud to have achieved this important milestone in our corporate journey. We would like to thank Paul and the team at CannaNavigators for their expertise and support. The guidance provided has allowed us to move our business forward and succeed in obtaining our License. There are few consulting teams as experienced, competent, and committed as Paul and his crew. Thank you for your guidance and support! “



My name is Kelly Roldo and I am the CEO of Love, Logic, Compassion Farms Inc. I am a client of the CannaNavigators. Working with the CannaNavigators team has been a wonderful experience. I worked with them to prepare the security plan for our farm, to prepare the required security documents and to complete our Evidence Package for our Standard Cultivation Licence application.
I had the pleasure of working very closely with Stephen Beattie throughout this entire process. Stephen went above and beyond to understand my business and work with me to ensure our farm was 100% compliant with Health Canada. He also made himself available for every question or concern I had. If there was something that Stephen wasn't sure about, he promptly found what I needed to know and was in constant contact with me and my team throughout the entire process.
Paul Kourie is extremely easy to work with and has the most positive attitude every time I speak with him!! He really brought our Evidence Package together and made the process of completing the package seamless. Paul and the team were a great support.
My experience with the CannaNavigators team was an extremely positive one and I confidently recommend them to anyone seeking assistance on pursuing cannabis licences in Canada. They worked within the budget I gave them and my company was able to successfully secure a Standard Cultivation Licence with Health Canada.
Thank you CannaNavigators!!"


"CannaNavigators provided our site with expert knowledge and guidance as we ramped up our efforts towards our licensing application for our outdoor grow in BC.  Their expertise allowed us to mitigate and manage any potential areas of concern with our application prior to our submission.  Both Paul and Sean arrived on our site ready to hit the ground running.  The quality of their work showed though in the manner in which our site was described and presented in several photos and videos.  Our group also benefited from all of the work that was completed behind the scenes by Paul’s team.  Health Canada reviewed our license application and came back with one round of questions (RMI’s) and we received our license to grow without any further queries.  If you are looking for a group to help you plan and get across the finish line, I highly recommend that you look no further than CannaNavigators.  Paul and his team will not let you down."


“Paul’s team and his Consultancy CannaNavigators are second to none in the Cannabis Security and Regulatory domain. For the last three years, it has been a no-brainer for our company to involve Paul and his team in the design, drafting of our security plans and the several evidence packages required by Health Canada. Their unparallel and in-dept understanding of the Cannabis regulations and its requirements from a Producer standpoint are being regularly sought after and was instrumental in guiding us through the licensing process. They are very customer oriented, dedicated, professional and they do understand the challenges of the industry, which is why they treat your business like if it was theirs.”

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