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Did you hear?!

CannaNavigators and Hyde Advisory & Investments Inc won for BEST CANNABIS BUSINESS CONSULTANCY! A very welcomed surprise! Congrats to all the nominees and winners of this years #cannabisawards.

A HUGE shout out to our incredible and dedicated team for all their hard work. It clearly does not go unrecognized.... Thank you to our colleagues, friends, staff, fellow consultants and clients for trusting and supporting us over the years!

A special thank you to our founders... We are grateful to have such honest, hardworking and knowledgeable leaders guiding the ship. Our hard work and dedication for the success of our clients is what makes this win even sweeter!

We've accomplished a lot over the past 9+ years and there is still a lot more to do... looking forward to the future and doing our part to make it even better!

David Hyde, M.Sc, CPC

Paul Kourie

Pauline K Hyde

Jennifer Arthurs Caldwell

Maria Daniele

Andrew Kain

Barry Davidson, ICCP-Professional

Barry Pogson

Roshan Jesuthasan, (M.A.)

Mike Samways

Tamara Angelis

Stephen Beattie

Cannabis Global Consultants Inc. (CGC)

O'Cannabiz Conference & Expo

O'Cannabiz International Conference and Expo


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