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  • Security System Design, Tendering and Project Support – The CannaNavigators technical security team offers full service security system design services, including the preparation of detailed design plans. We have extensive experience in the assembly of tender documents to have qualified security integrators bid on the project. We can evaluate bids and assist clients in selecting the best installation partner, as well as overseeing key aspects of the installation to ensure all requirements are met. This package can include:

    • Review/rationalize existing security system design or create new design plans

    • Prepare security system tender documents

    • Issue tender to qualified security integrators

    • Review tenders and make recommendation for award

    • Review security integrator’s project plan and oversee key aspects of their work

    • Perform commissioning and/or acceptance of the final security system installation prior to client payment to the security integrator

  • Remote Security System Inspection - The most basic form of audit is geared towards a broad analysis of existing security systems.  The remote inspection will yield a report to ascertain the general ‘state of health’ of the security systems from a compliance perspective. Deficiencies will be identified which could require more detailed examination by our team (in an on-site inspection) or by a professional security integrator. This package includes:

    • Advance questionnaire to identify key details of each security system

    • Review of site plans and security system facility plans, as well as technical system specifications

    • Remote log-in via Team Viewer (or similar remote access program)

    • Analysis of key elements of the security systems (video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control)

    • Review of relevant documentation and reports

    • Preparation of report highlighting the main findings, including any areas of concern

  • On-Site Security System Inspection - Building on the findings of the remote inspection, the on-site inspection will create a more fulsome snapshot of the security system. This package can also be timed to coincide with the immediate post-installation period to ensure the security systems are properly commissioned and operationalized to optimize compliance. An in-depth compliance review will be undertaken in the context of the Cannabis Regulations.  Suggestions for improvements aimed at optimizing regulatory compliance and increasing security system efficiencies will be part of the report, which will include:

    • Security infrastructure review (IT network, redundancy/back-up/UPS, server configuration, software, service and maintenance)

    • Video surveillance system review (Server health, workstation deployment, camera set-up, video management system programming and configuration)

    • Access control system review – (Controlled door hardware, redundancy/back-up, access cards/access levels, anti-tampering features)

    • Intrusion detection system review – (Device installation, performance validation, system test/adjustment)

Since 2013, the CannaNavigators team has designed, tendered and supported the implementation and upkeep of electronic security systems in over 400 commercial cannabis facilities. Based on this experience, we have set up a series of support packages designed to provide Canadian licensed cannabis businesses with hands-on operational assistance in tendering, auditing and optimizing their electronic security systems in line with compliance requirements under the Cannabis Regulations.

The support package options include tendering and project oversight, a basic remote compliance inspection, and a more comprehensive on-site technical inspection.  Our technical security lead has a depth of experience as a security integrator, holding certifications in the main security platforms and an intimate knowledge of electronic security system performance, through the eyes of the Cannabis Regulations and operational best practice.

Electronic Security Systems – Audit and Operational Support
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