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  • Site Plan Changes Requiring Approval

    • Prepare relevant documentation in support of licensing notifications and change requests (e.g., sales license amendment, changes to site perimeter, addition of new building, changes to secure storage area, notification of change of control/share sale, etc.)

  • Pre-Health Canada Inspection audits

    • Attend site to conduct a comprehensive regulatory compliance audit with a focus on key compliance areas targeted by Health Canada on Initial Inspections, Targeted Inspections and the more comprehensive Regular Inspections (e.g., GPP, batch records, customer complaints, physical security, inventory, destruction, sanitation, change control, non-conformances, CAPA, self inspection, SOPs/training, etc.)

  • Security compliance audits

    • Attend site to conduct a physical walk through of security compliance, including a documentary compliance review

    • Conduct security efficiency and cost containment reviews focused on security manpower reduction and rationalizing of electronic security systems to save costs and improve efficiencies

  • Addressing negative Health Canada Inspection Reports

    • Review your negative Health Canada Inspection report and provide full support in forming an appropriate response and working through the remediation to address Minor, Major and Critical observations, maintaining the integrity of the Health Canada licence

  • Mergers and acquisitions, CCAA/restructurings, reorganizations

    • Support ongoing licensing and operational compliance and conduct compliance audits during M&A, CCAA/restructuring and corporate reorganization

CannaNavigators’ licence management team has extensive experience providing a wide range of licensing and operational compliance support services. Whether you’re looking to submit a change request (licence amendment), audit your security compliance, prepare a sales licence amendment, address a negative Health Canada Inspection Report, or get ready for your next Health Canada Inspection, we have the right team and the right game plan to support you.

CannaNavigators also has a proven track record assisting license holders in navigating licensing and operational compliance during mergers and acquisitions, CCAA/restructurings and corporate reorganizations. We have supported license holders involved in some of the largest M&A transactions and most publicized restructurings in the Canadian cannabis industry and this experience pays dividends.

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