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  • Psychedelics services we provide:

    • Assistance with site selection for psychedelic research, as well as future medicinal production of psychedelics

    • Dealer’s Licence and Section 56 application submission for psychedelic research

    • Site/Floor plan review of layout and provide feedback on security best practices (layering of security, restriction of access)

    • Security submission for psychedelic research application to Health Canada

    • Identify security level based on the geographical location and the value of controlled substances to be stored on site

    • Assist in determining the type of vault/safe required based on security level and region of the facility

    • Security implementation support for psychedelics research and future medicinal production facilities 

CannaNavigators is Canada’s go-to licensing and compliance advisory firm when it comes to psychedelics. Our team has completed a number of Dealer’s Licence and Section 56 exemption applications for clients wishing to conduct psychedelics research, in preparation for the advent of medicinal psychedelics regulation which is anticipated to be around-the-corner in Canada.

At CannaNavigators, we can complete the entire psychedelics research application for clients, or just specific portions such as the security section. We have over 20 years experience working with the Directive on Physical Security Requirements for Controlled Substances, which is the security standard to be met in attaining licensure for psychedelic research. 

Psychedelics - Licensing
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