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Experience - Special Skills

Paul Kourie is a cannabis industry operations, security, and licensing specialist with diverse education and experience. He spent over 20 years in the highly regulated automotive industry working with many of the world's leading brands.


Paul rose through the ranks to occupy senior-level management positions culminating in him leading multiple manufacturing facilities in Canada and the USA as Director of Operations and then Business Development Manager.

Paul entered the cannabis industry as Plant Manager for one of Canada’s original Licensed Producers, bringing his years of process optimization, lean manufacturing, and team-building experience to the newly-created regulated cannabis sector. Learning and optimizing the process of high-quality indoor cultivation gave Paul deep knowledge and insights into all the operational ins and outs of large-scale cannabis production.

Joining David Hyde & Associates as Director of Consulting Operations, Paul led a team of compliance experts who under his leadership completed 230 licence applications and over 100 evidence packages.


"Building on his cannabis operational experience with security and compliance expertise makes Paul one of the top Cannabis-Specific Security and Regulatory professionals in the industry."

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Paul Kourie

Managing Director

Paul leads a Team of Compliance Experts who under his direction have completed 230 license applications and over 100 Site Evidence Packages to date.

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